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Hello Everyone, It's Good To Be Back!

Thanks to you all for your patience. I can't wait to get this rolling and put up all my new delicious footage!

‘Nessa Needs A New Camera!


Hello, everyone! Hopefully, you are getting excited about the new site. I sure am! I have been filming new content like crazy, but my bossy ol’ web guy is pestering me that my trusty camera is outdated! How dare he? Adam tells me it’s not full HD and that my viewers deserve better quality. Well, THAT’S one thing I DO agree with! So, I am having a camera fund drive! Please help me get that mean ol’ Adam off my back, huh? I have my eyes (or more correctly, Adam does) on a sweet little rig that will do the job just swimmingly. Maybe some nice lights, too – if the donations come in like I hope they will… I am keeping my fingers crossed! Tootsies, too!

So here’s what I am offering for a bit of help getting that darn camera:

For a $50 donation, I’ll use my brand new camera to film a one cigarette video JUST FOR YOU. In it, I’ll chat and thank you by name, so be sure to tell me what you’d like me to call you by and I’ll take care of the rest. I won’t be selling your video or posting it anywhere, I promise. It will be just between you and I, ok? You’ll be able to download your video with a special username and password set up for your personal thank you video from me.

For a $100 donation, you’ll get what is described above plus, you get to specify the brand of cigarette and the clothing style! You name it and I will get as close as possible, given what I have in this little ol’ house of mine.

For a $200 donation, you get the full shebang! A personal thank you by name, the specific cigarette brand, clothing style, hairstyle, makeup, glasses/no glasses… the works! Again, I will do my best to hit the nail on the head for you, within my ability to do so. And to my more naughty fans out there, you just keep in mind that I have my standards and won’t do anything my dear sweet mama wouldn’t want to see me doing. I am sure you understand, right?

So anyway, that’s it! Oh, no wait!  One more thing.  This camera fund drive will go until September 30th.  After that, I’ll use whatever you have sent to get the best camera I can afford.  Hopefully it will be the one I want…  Then, I’ll start filming the thank you videos!  So please keep that in mind, ok?  I can’t start filming until I get the new camera, right?  Right!  So be patient, you generous and sweet person, you!

There. NOW that’s it. Gee, I hope you can help me out. I want nothing but the best for you all!

Smoky kisses,


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